We are creatures of habit. And if you're anything like me, one of those daily habits is drinking a cup or two or five each and every morning.  Well if you want to add a little something special to your morning routine or add some flair to a special event, you need to check out our line of cups, mugs, & hot beverage sleeves.  WarmThoughts is a quote or thought from a previous author, an old president. And, basically, thoughts that anyone can resonate with. It’s monogrammed on a corrugated coffee sleeve that can be shared in coffee shops or parties. Basically, it keeps your beverage warm while leaving you with a great thought for the day.

     WarmThoughts has found that a consumer holds a cup of coffee for 45 minutes and these quotes – they can hold that WarmThought in their hand – and get the motivation and inspiration throughout the duration of that time and it can resonate with them. They think that everyone that enjoys a warm beverage or has a friend that enjoys a warm beverage should be using WarmThoughts.

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