Think WarmThoughts…

We are creatures of habit. And if you’re anything like us, one of those daily habits is drinking a cup of coffee each and every morning. Well if you want to add a little something special to your morning routine or add some flare to a special event, you need to check out coffee cup sleeves from WarmThoughts. WarmThoughts are riveting quotes embossed on coffee sleeves that include creative and eye- catching designs wrapped around your beverage to keep warm.

Through the past few years, I would occasionally write and share memorable quotes on my social media.  They made me think and intrigued me as well as others.  Many said they could relate or shared with a friend.  I combined the love of coffee and research and started WarmThoughts.  It is a motivational and inspirational coffee sleeve line with thought provoking quotes to keep your hot beverage warm. It is a great story that has interested family, friends and strangers.

My mission is to make WarmThoughts indispensable masterpieces of design and captivate the admiration of many, yet modest in size and price.